Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Update from The West

We are getting settled in, little by little.  Moving has been such an adjustment for us!  Our situation is unique in that we have a farmhouse that we are to move into, that is part of the employment package of Kevin, but that house was filled with the previous owners things.  So, in the meantime, until she is able to remove all of her belongings, we have been living in a modular home down the road (pictured above with our moving boxes on the porch ;).  The modular has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.  One bedroom is designated as a storage unit for all of her things so that the boys don't destroy them.  :)  So, this family of 5 is currently living in two bedrooms. It's not bad at all though.  The boys are sharing a room and we have Scarlett in our room.   The boys will continue to share a room for quite some time.  The farmhouse has 6 bedrooms, but we're planning on them sharing there because they like to be together.

 It has been a challenge for me to get "comfortable" because there is so much division with our living things and a general unsettling as far as our house is concerned.  This has been a learning situation for me. :)  

I am constantly amazed at my children.  They adapt so quickly!  A bit of fresh air, some things to climb on and they're happy little buggers who are content. 

The scenery out here is absolutely stunning.  Autumn has been a glorious time here in the Magic Valley (the valley we're living in is referred to by the locals as the Magic Valley).  The bright gold of the cottonwoods is breathtaking and it seems that autumn lingers here more so than it did in Iowa.  I find myself anxious to get into the farmhouse so that we can cozy up to one of the two fireplaces there.  Harvest has been in full swing here in the Valley and we see tractors and cattle drives weekly!  I had a moment to snag the camera to catch one such drive going by last week.  The "tourist" in us had the boys and I on our porch to watch the excitement as the herd thundered passed our house. 

We are having a wonderful time exploring our new surroundings and falling in love with Idaho.  We know we are so blessed to be here and are looking forward to our many adventures yet to come! 

When we have updates on the farmhouse I will let you know.  We're driving to Idaho Falls this Saturday to price flooring and bathroom things, so I'm kind of pumped for that!  Little by little, things are getting done.  Kevin works Monday through Friday, so we only have Saturday to work on the farmhouse to get it ready for us. 

Until more updates, Have a great harvest season!

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  1. You need to blog again. :) Love reading about your family.