Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Kevin surprised me for my birthday two years ago by ordering me a Silhouette. YAY! I am embarrassed to say that I have used it all of 4 times. I seem to always get the vinyl positioned incorrectly and mess up my project. Long story short....I need to use it more.
There is a wall in our kitchen that we added some picture frames to a while back. The frames are black and create quite a contrast...I'm not sure I'm madly in love with it but Kevin really likes the black contrast in the kitchen, so I leave it up. :) I decided that the pictures needed something more so I turned to my Silhouette to create a vinyl piece. Being the creative guru that I am, I went with an inspriring phrase: Eat. I realized that, although purposeful and direct, my word needed a bit of flair. Back to my Silhouette I went and cut out some flair. Instead of mirroring the image (which is completely possible and most likely the best choice in this scenario) I copied the image. So my curlies came out the exact same for both sides. Rather than have the Silhouette get the best of me again, I simply arranged the identical curlies to make it appear as if this was my intention all along. Kevin gives it a questioning look every now and then so I assure him that this was indeed my intent. ;) If you are unable to read the text beside the arrows: the arrow pointing left indicates where I finished painting the trim in the kitchen. There is a small wall there that we are going to remove so I didn't paint the paneling on that wall, or the trim around it. :) The arrow pointing right is pointing out a necessity every home should have: an indoor/outdoor thermometer. For the longest time Leo was convinced it was a clock, now he likes to "read" it and proclaim that it is indeed warm enough for him to go outside. While I love French food and decor....I'm not in love with the pictures beside my rooster. They were the prints that came with the frames and they have managed to stay in them, despite my best attempts to find others. I haven't found two other prints that would complement Mr. Rooster perfectly so these two remain. Perhaps when I get that completed I will post another update. ;)

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