Sunday, October 28, 2012

New counters

To say I'm PUMPED is an understatement!! I am sooo PUMPED!!! We have lived in this house for four years and my bane since purchase has been the "flashback to the 70's" orange counterops. The countertops themselves were in great shape, no cracks or scratches....but the was as orange as a harvest pumpkin. Behold the "before" all of its orange-y glory!
Obviously something had to be done! I have done quite a bit of research the past four years. Visions of lovely marble and granite tops drift into my head...glorious beautiful shiny ones....then the price brings me back to reality. Price has brought me back to reality on all other options as well...until I discovered Giani! Countertop painting?!?! Whoever heard of such a thing!!! I did quit a bit of research and was impressed with what I found. It took me about a year to get fully pumped for the thought of painting my tops because once you do it, there is a two week dry time before your KitchAid can get back to its cozy nest on the counter. Then one day (last friday), my amazingly crafty husband was at a paint store with a display of Giani. He purchased the Diamond White kit and our lives are now changed forever. He brought it home and we began that night. First step is to clean and lightly sand the tops. Then apply the primer.
After allowing a night of drying for the primer,I enlisted the help of my mother and over nap time we began the sponge painting technique. It was SCARY at first....we did a practice paper then began. We had fun! We layered three colors over the primer. It was easy!! Here is a shot of the paint after application. We allowed an entire day to dry before we removed the Frog tape.
Tape is removed and counters are exposed in all their glory! They are awesome!!! I'm amazed at how much they actually look like granite. Being the amatures we are, there are definitely some spots that are more white than others...but I suppose the quarry extracted a different section of rock that day. ;) Real granite isn't perfect and exactly the same throughout, and neither is my lovely new piece. It is such an improvement on the old awful orange!
Caulking still needs to be applied to the seams, but Kev wants to wait a day to do that to ensure perfect bonding...or something technical like that. :)
Here's a close up! Pretty awesome, eh?!? Yeah...I think it is too!

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