Saturday, June 9, 2012

Getting started

A little about me: I am married to the world's greatest man (how I came to be SO blessed in this way is WAY beyond my comprehension), I have two beautiful, funny, energetic boys whom I love more than words can express. Our little family lives in the country with two "black stallions" (black geldings), one lab/german shehpherd mix, and one pot bellied pig. My husband and I are currently renovating our house that we purchased four years ago and raising our boys with the help of our God, our church and our patience. :) We work at a painfully slow pace because honestly, our house is at the end of our list. In September of 2011 my husband lost the job that he had for seven and a half years at a great company. I had been blessed to be able to stay home with our boys since I was four months pregnant with the first one. All of a sudden our lives were turned upside down. I know in the grand scheme of things, job loss pales compared to many things, but in our lives, at the time, it was a traumatic blow. I found work as quickly as I could, while my husband turned into a stay-at-home dad. Roles were switched and the change was a lot to process for our two young boys (at that time 2 and 9 months). Dad used to work 70+ hours a week and now he was home and mom was gone. Months prior to my husband's layoff we had begun building on a master bedroom suite, complete with master closet and bathroom, and renovation of one of the three upstairs bedrooms into a large bathroom for our growing family. Construction halted, the contractor was not extended to finishing the interior, we were left with a housewrapped addition on our second story with no access to it from the inside, only rough plumbing run; no insulation, electricity, flooring, drywall or roof. The upstairs renovation on our bathroom halted as well. We are living in an abandoned construction zone. My husband is talented in all areas, so he has worked when he can, to complete as much as he can, but it's a slow process when you're 'mom' during the day to two busy boys. In May we realized that the short term rubber roof was not keeping all the rain out of the addition and causing black mold to grow in the kitchen ceiling. Our boys were developing breathing problems and we had no insurance or money to combat what we were faced with. We called the contractor, who agreed to replace the entire kitchen ceiling, remove all the mold and finish it at no cost because the temporary roof he installed leaked. What a blessing! We just needed to get a permanent roof on the addition in place before he would replace the kitchen ceiling. I made a humbling call to a friend at church, whose husband is a great blessing, with a plea on behalf of our sickly family, to please help Kevin install the metal roof we had purchased but lay unused because we could not afford the workers. Her husband and a church boy drove 45 minutes both ways for two weekends to assist Kevin with the installation. Once completed, the following weekend the boys and I stayed with my sister while the contractor repaired our entire kitchen ceiling and treated the beams for black mold. Praise the Lord!!! Our construction is far from complete, but God has shown us that he is working and is with us and cares. Kevin was offered a job almost 6 months to the day that he was letgo, within one week of his unemployment expiration date...try to tell me that was not God! He was then recruited for a position by a company for implementation of an assembly line similar to what he was used at his previous company (even though he was not in assembly)! He is now employed by that company and is working to further his career. I am still working, but our goal is to have me back home with our boys as soon as we are financially able. We went from living a very comfortable life to making less than half of Kevin's annual salary in a matter of days, so our road is rough but we are tough. :) Through all of these trials I have only grown to love my husband more. He is the most amazing person in the world to me. His grace and character have shown throughout this whole experience and have shown me that I am blessed to have him as my own. Our priority is for me to be home with our boys and educate them, nurture them and teach them a love for God and man. I have such a burden for their development that it is overwhelming. I look at our current world and know that I want better for my precious boys. My husband shares my conviction, so while it may not be easiest or most popular choice, we are choosing to homeschool our boys, when the time comes. But first....we have to get me home! :)
The love of my sun, moon, and stars.